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Best Paper Awards


Jean-Pierre Le Cadre Best Paper Award  

Shooting two birds with two bullets: how to find minimum mean OSPA estimates
M Guerriero, Elettronica S.p.A,.Italy, L Svensson, D Svensson, Chalmers University of Technology,Sweden, P Willett, University of Connecticut, USA


Runners up in best paper

Asynchronous distributed particle filter via decentralized evaluation of Gaussian products
B N Oreshkin, M J Coates, McGill University , Canada

Improved SMC implementation of the PHD filter
B Ristic, DSTO, Australia, D Clark, Heriot-Watt University , UK
B N Vo, The University of Western Australia, Australia


Honourable mention  

Collaborative target tracking using multiple visual features in smart camera networks
M Kushwaha, Qualcomm Inc., USA , X Koutsoukos, Vanderbilt University , USA



Best Student Paper Awards, kindly supported by US Office of Naval Research


Best Student Paper

Closed-form performance for location estimation based on quantized data in sensor networks
Y Zheng, R Niu, P K Varshney, Syracuse University,USA


Runners up in best student paper  

Selecting classifiers by F-score for real-time video tracking
I Visentini, L Snidaro, G L Foresti, University of Udine,Italy

Joint PDF construction for sensor fusion and distributed detection
S Kay, Q Ding, University of Rhode Island , USA ,
D Emge, Edgewood Chemical Biological Center , USA


Honourable mention

Quasi-tracklet fusion accounting for cross-correlation
Y Gao, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China , X R Li, University of New Orleans, USA

GM-CPHD and ML-PDA applied to the Metron multi-static sonar dataset
R Georgescu, P Willett, University of Connecticut, USA , S Schoenecker, NUWC , USA

Towards an efficient distributed object recognition system in wireless smart camera networks
N Naikal, A Yang, S Sastry, University of California,USA

Estimating network parameters for selecting community detection algorithms
L Peel, BAE Systems, UK

2D Location estimation of angle-only sensor arrays using targets of opportunity
D Crouse, R Osborne, K Pattipati, P Willett, Y Bar-Shalom, University of Connecticut , USA

Real-time allocation of defensive resources to rockets, artillery, and mortars
F Johansson, G Falkman, University of Skövde,Sweden

Tracking with multisensor out-of-sequence measurements with residual biases
S Zhang, Y Bar-Shalom, University of Connecticut, USA, G W Watson, SPARTA , USA

Distributed estimation fusion under unknown cross-correlation: an analytic center approach
Y Wang, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China , X R Li, University of New Orleans , USA

Focal elements generated by the Dempster-Shafer theoretic conditionals: a complete characterization
T L Wickramarathne, K Premaratne, M N Murthi, University of Miami,USA

Continuous belief functions and α-stable distributions
A Fiche, A Martin, J C Cexus, A Khenchaf, ENSIETA, France



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